Some Good News with John Krasinski

Good evening everybody even though it is very clearly the afternoon and welcome to s GM Jon what is as PM that’s a good question for years now i’ve been wondering why is there not a news show that it did entirely too good news wow desperately seeking my pics no more else I reached out to all of you this week asking me begging for some good news and boy did you deliver after reading those replies in the incredibly heartwarming stories that came with them I thought already enough is enough world why not us why not now so ladies and gentlemen this is your fault and this is PM I’m John present skin if it is a spirit yet I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and now for some good news
and what are we for good news it was because yes without question we are all going through an incredibly trying times but through all the anxiety through all the confusion all the isolation and all the tiger king somehow the human spirit still found a way to break through and blow us all away nowhere was asking more powerfully than in heroism of the global healthcare community now these men and women are working day in and day out they are putting their own health on the lines they are putting their own lives on the line for complete and total strangers and they’re doing it without the need for so much as a thank you well luckily to thank you Kane anyway and the heartfelt appreciation was singing on a global stage
inspiring holy three outsider local hospital and plaster life and a part of their appreciation for their hospitals in London and I see you nurse told her boyfriend she didn’t believe there would be any property he was wrong even at its peak NATO sailors and staff applaud their healthcare heroes at home from their command centers the deputy the love and appreciation was felt right here at home but are from the balcony the lit up apartment buildings the old passing up close in personal time for me and a holds up a sign simply saying thank you to the hospital staff for saving what is life and of course you can find more of those amazing images and video
on our Facebook page or let’s be honest pretty much anywhere else on the internet burns Vince if you’re looking for a more heart wrenching music video version just check out this guys page or this guy haha and a good news didn’t stop out their own nose even indoors in the weird world of isolation good news with happening everywhere Evan or magic fix things off by making kindness looks super easy as he makes one drivers to liberty as a man yes absolutely right thank you there are reports that in someone’s back yard an honest to God guardian angel was spotted and mowing the lawn turns out it was retired para two for our crews with making good on a promise to his neighborhood
currently deployed overseas but he would always be there for him and his Spanish in many local man bought one hundred blocks does to help out a lot the money then went to each one of his neighbors and delivered them a full church in Ireland and no I won’t embarrass myself by doing bad accent three generations took place in social distancing as a grandfather met his grandson for the first time we also got to experience three generations of love this week to take us off a couple for Virginia who’s supposed to go to Paris when their travel was cancelled luckily the romance was not she said yes hey anybody was wondering I am alone in this room in Michigan an already married couple through that the party doesn’t ever have to end throwing on their old wedding entire they laughed the day away and in Alabama
year old John crying in his suite and marriage may be old hat but it is still more romantic than any other out there who is in a nursing home for alzheimer’s is no longer allowed to have visitors that’s not going to stop John I’m finding a way to send to his breath that last video is brought to us by our friends at inspire Moore dot com sdn may be a new cypher good news but we are by no means the first two
looking around the internet for a smile please check out any of the good news sights from tanks good news to good news network dot org any of them and on a personal note this week actually brought a whole lot of good news because it marked fifteen years since this haircut was born as right it was the fiftieth anniversary of the office and for more on that story we go now to our entertainment correspondent Steve girl is this working God for Nancy I feel like your mom be like hold on let me just when highly produced show I like it they do very much my daughters did it by the way so beautiful this will be the graphic at the bottom of this perfect I love it we’re both looking dapper this is how I am twenty
I guarantee you that the bottom half of what you have on does not match to top off haha haha I am definitely wearing James if anybody remembers those oh my God this week marks a huge anniversary for you and I we were on a little show called the office and it turns fifteen years old yes I mean I was a waiter when I got that job I was twenty-three years old I was a waiter after the pilot I went back to waiting tables because I was sure nothing was going to happen with it haha and we all kind of change into it with that bye bye remember none of us had done anything huge it’s such a happy surprise after all these years people are still tuning in and finding it even today pretty cool people always ask these questions I have to ask you do you have not one obviously but
top memories what were some of your favorite memories all of our exchange around the micro flat screen TV I finally broke down and bought myself a plasma TV check it out the episode dinner party where you said and when people look over you’re just it only moved that far I don’t scream I think most of the memories have to do with things that we shared as a cast you know when we are doing fun run and it was about one hundred and five degrees outside
carbo load I remember when you when you do the episode over you played Santa and were very accept that Phyllis is already Santa and so you were asking people to come sit on your lap and Brian thank God was chosen to sit on your lap you would like for Christmas little boy I don’t know I didn’t know you were gonna ask me why nobody ever let me sit on your lap always opposed to be the bucking of the a theme where they cut to me and I did a gym face I was never there I was physically never there but because by the time they got to the swish pans me I was out I was either on the floor are I had left the room part of what was so much fun about it easy everybody in the cash was rooting for everybody else people
back when it was time for other people to shine and celebrated like like when you when you came in white that day it was like it was crazy watch the gym dude white and you’re very good impressionist in general something people know my God oh that’s funny micro and then also at the same time the most emotional i’ve ever been on a set certainly I know we’ve talked about it but I was sort of hoping that they wouldn’t do your scene in my team that the episode where you leave last I think you and I counted I think it was either seventeen or nineteen days where there wasn’t an audible word that came out it was just then you and I going daily by tomorrow at lunch oh okay
and then tomorrow I can tell you what a great boss you turned out to be best pasta ever had thought was on my phone that was really download some of my most fond memories of personally or professionally are entwined and connected with the other and listen I know everybody is talking about a reunion hopefully one day we just got to reunite as people and just all get to say hi just to see your face great I miss you a ton man it’s so good to see you and thank you so much for doing this we are we are trying to start a news network just for good news and boy are you good news I really think you’re gonna
years I love you and I can’t wait to see you soon say hi to Emily love you guys who’s that goodbye finally decorating my favorite day news of the week in California is fifteen year old girl finally return home after her last chemotherapy treatment and well her friends put on one heck of a social price I for more on this story we now go to my newest hero coco hello nice to meet you
God is such an exciting honor for me you are my newest and biggest era so much obviously live in a hallmark heart for no one else arrives on their street and has always cheering for them and clapping for them how did that feel surprised I wasn’t expecting anything we turn the corner and I saw our friends and some more friends in my family and I was just like so many people were there it was amazing your reaction was amazing it was just so credibly incredibly powerful and so amazing to see your reaction to it so you finish treatment how long does it I think she meant it on that Tuesday that was my last so now that is awesome news relation to that absolute and it’s been amazing to see this video go every where and truly I don’t think i’ve ever seen such a genuine reaction to a video where everyone completely in
and honestly you know you being the heroes are anything you want to say to everybody out there yeah there are a lot of people like me going through things that have little new systems everyone that isn’t going to be extremely affected by it staying home to protect people that will be really amazing and it’s like everyone came together to help the people that will be affected by advertising is really awesome that’s awesome what’s amazing about it is I’m doing this very silly thing of starting a good news network and a TV show where we only play good news and I don’t know why can do another one after this because your it is you’re like the mic drop of all good news it’s over now that’s very kind I’m just I’m literally just posting the things that people send me like your mom and I wrote back to your mom and told her that I cry
for a very long time watching matches up your joy and you guys rock for sharing with rest of the world thank you can I say alas thank you to some of my nurses and doctors they’re all working right now and so my nurse is on for west and the vision center CEO my nurses and doctors at the depot you are so tell her thank you so much for spending time with us and for telling us your story I wish you nothing but the best and again you put so many smiles on people faces now it’s your turn go have a lot of things to be happy about it thank you that girl isn’t the epitome of pure goodness I don’t know what is and that’s it that’s our show I’m John Nikki this is s v e n after you to remember that no matter how tough life can get there’s always good in the world
we will see you next time good night oh yeah


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